SIMPLIFIED: Leadership Is Simple. You Lead People.


"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein




People want three things...


to believe in. A sense of purpose to their work. Driving a team that is


to believe in them. A leader building trust with core values. Guide a team to be


to believe in. A leader who sees more in us than we see in our self. A team that is 


The purpose of this book is a tool for you. It is all the HOW TO. How to become a purpose-driven leader. How to lead people on purpose. How to build the invincible culture. How to drive innovation from the inside out. How to engage your team. How to empower your team. How to inspire your team to new levels of performance and productivity. How to break-down the hierarchical structures. How to, how to, how to…


Lead People

If you are going to lead people, it makes sense that you should understand people. You need to understand the process of human behaviour. How we got to be who we are and HOW TO become who we need to be.

Lead Culture

Now we understand people as individuals, we need to understand how those people behave in organisations. Understanding HOW TO create organisational behaviour change is critical to build an invincible culture. .

Leadership Framework

People want three things. We will work through the three “somes” and what you need to understand about each of these. Then we will look at HOW TO build a framework that encompasses all of them.

Purpose Drives

What problem are you solving in the world? We will look at the importance of understanding WHY you are in business beyond making money. Then we will work out HOW TO use that to engage your employees.

Values Guide

We’ll look beyond the common place corporate principles that are inherent in every business. We will learn HOW TO empower your team with a deeper understanding of the unique thinking your business possesses.

Vision Inspires

What does the world you see look like? What is the contribution your business will make to that world by fulfilling your purpose through your values? Learn HOW TO use vision to inspire your team to do their best work.

Lead Strategy

Total alignment of your culture and strategy happens when you reverse engineer your vision. We will learn HOW TO create an aligned strategy that brings your vision into reality. Culture leads strategy.

Lead Teams

Businesses need to overhaul their structures and dismantle hierarchies to adapt and become innovative. We will learn HOW TO lead teams with a purpose-centric structure to empower innovation and build leaders.

Lead Service

If you’re customer service sucks it’s because your leadership sucks. What happens on the inside will find a way to manifest itself on the outside. We will learn HOW TO create an inside out customer experience model.

Bonus Stuff

Not to leave you hanging, I have also included a bonus chapter with some of the other models I use when coaching and leading teams. Not only will you know HOW TO, but you will have all the tools and resources to DO it.

About the Author

Dave Clare isn’t just a leader, he is also an author, award winning international coach, facilitator and an enthusiastic and inspirational speaker. He has developed a new framework for leadership that helps others move from a business model to a model business. Dave’s take on leadership for a new generation has proven to create invincible cultures that unleash creativity and innovation, the catalyst for disruption. Dedicating more than a decade of his life to inspiring and creating purpose-driven leaders, Dave consistently shares his fundamental principles on leadership. Leadership is simple. You lead people. So all you need to do is understand people.

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Please join me and the movement to create and inspire 90 million purpose-driven leaders. Together we can improve people’s lives. Together we can build businesses and organisations that help people. Together we can enable people to do their life’s best work. 

Leadership is simple. You lead people. It’s time to lead different.

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