The Book That Makes Leadership Simple.

Engage your employees in meaning-full work.
Empower people to make smarter decisions.
Inspire teams with a bigger picture of the world.
Evolve your organisation by hacking culture and strategy.

What's Inside?












Leadership Is simple. You Lead People. Therefore all you need to do then is to understand people. People want three things from an organisation.  Watch this simple one minute video to understand what the three things are and the tools you have to deliver it to them.


Do you know what the three things people want are?

You don't need to create your purpose, though you may need to discover/uncover it. Your business was started for a reason beyond making money. You saw a problem you passionately wanted to solve in this world (and possibly thought you could make money from it). Watch this simple one minute video to understand how to discover your purpose. Do you have a purpose you can describe in 10 words or less?

My business exists to...

A question I often get asked by leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs is:

"How do I bring our values to life in our organisation?"

This short video explains one of two key ways to bring your values to life everyday and one very important concept for you, the leader to embrace.

What is MISSION and how do we use it to lead people? Watch this simple one minute tip to find out.


Words like mission and purpose get thrown around in business and can be easily confused. This should bring some clarity.

What Are Other Leaders Saying?

Prof. Gary Martin, CEO Australian Institute of Management WA

What makes this book different? The messages are simple, practical and actionable. Whether you are an aspirant leader, an experienced mid-level manager or even an executive, Simplified will “stop you in your tracks”, and compel you to reflect on all aspects of your ongoing development as a leader. Simplified will break down the barriers and remove the obstacles that you have had in your journey to becoming a purposeful leader.”

Steve Rodgers, #1 Amazon best selling author, International speaker & CEO Alchemy Advisors.

This book SIMPLIFIED could not come at a better time in our world. People are bombarded with news, information and constant headlines. I believe what many are yearning is authentic, truthful, clear and meaningful leadership! This book is for anyone interested in becoming a leader or being an even better one than you are now! Pick up this book and dive into great insights, lessons and messages that are sure to stir your mind and most of all your heart!"

Christopher Cumby Serial Entrepreneur, Author • Host, Think Bold, Be Bold

Dave delivers a powerful “How to” Book that is a game-changer in the leadership development space. Simplified is true to its title and inside is the road-map that will shape the generation of new leaders and help those who are trying to cultivate a positive culture, and engagement with their employees and partners. Finally someone removed the noise and lays out the process that hides in plain sight.

Peter Thurin, Founder of Blackbelt in Excellence. Author of 'Be The Best You Can Be'

The well crafted use of diagrams, models, bold text and powerful quotes that are relevant and resonate so strongly with me add to the simplicity. I can read the book from beginning to end or pick it up, read 2-3 pages, and take something meaningful away and implement. Many leadership books focus on why, this one gives you the how to. Unlike many other authors who like to complicate, a major strength of Dave's book is in his ability to simplify.

About the Author

Dave Clare is a leader for a new generation of leaders. 
As a real world practitioner of purpose-driven leadership for over 20 years, Dave is an Executive Leadership Coach, International Keynote Speaker and Author. As the self-proclaimed "Prophet for Purpose" Dave has a goal to create and inspire 90 million purpose-driven leaders. He brings his real life and international business leadership perspective from his experience that spans over two decades and multiple continents.